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2: 06, 09[On April 1 all fools' day history word] general pulls Dinihu to be troubled by Bei Kehan Mu to be assumed office

Second section match begins, tang Hai is successional line of inside and outside hits the target, take the lead in be opposite for stiff state bank build result, zheng Zhun, Ceng Lingxu is subsequently successive planted agent hits the target strick back, right now bilateral war comes 35: 28, stiff state bank is temporarily lead, remnant returns in the 2nd match 7: When 35 seconds, stiff state bank requests suspension, suspend coming back error of the field before Fosan team, stiff state bank strikes back, tang Hai receives a ball cruel buckle procurable, and ever beater of Ling Xu criterion hits the target retaliate dichotomy, zhejiang team with 41: Team of 37 banner Fosan. The score of the match both sides later rises alternately, shoot a basket of the inside and outside in Fosan respect Lan Duofu, Ma Dan is procurable, and horn of bottom of Gongsong Lin Zelian add hits the target 3 minutes, finally as Fosan team over-distance 3 minutes of bos, both sides ended the contest of first half, stiff state bank with 57: Team of 50 banner Fosan.

Sport weeklyReport of reporter Ma Yin is a year of league matches when whistle of end of a show is loud.

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